Would have liked to have another set of towels but we only stayed for the weekend. Maybe something spilled and not enough time to dry. The motel obviously had no instruction on what constitutes handicap facilities. Not a big deal, just not as flexible in that respect as other Motel 6 locations have been. Walked from AC unit to bathroom and bottom of socks soaked up some liquid something that turned my socks a tanish color. There was no walk-in shower, no raised height toilet and no shower bars.I was incapable of taking a shower because there was no access. Not a big deal, just not as flexible in that respect as other Motel 6 l Doggie friendly, excellent staff, clean rooms.... I agree with the last review and wish I read it beforehand.

The Snowden children began touring sometime around 1850.

Friends and contacts in other towns often invited them to perform, and their advertising consisted of nothing more than a few handbills and word of mouth.

This invitation from Arthur Kirby is typical: party the 12th off August on Saturday The neighborhood requested me to drop you a few Line to inform you that They want you to come and give us a Concert on that Same evening.

The Suinging part is in The grove is rite by the School House now i want you to be sure and come if you possibly can and if you can come Send me three or four bill if you have got them and i will put Them up for you I am Shure off a Big crowd if you will Come if you can come Send me the Bills by next Saturday if you can if you have no bills Struck wright any how if you will come on that Evening and i will put The word out my Self and the rest of the boys.

The Snowden Family Band was a 19th-century African American musical group.

The children of the Snowden family of Clinton, Knox County, Ohio, comprised the ensemble.

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The band's career stretched from before the American Civil War into living memory; no other African American band of their type lasted as long. However, through their music, they integrated themselves into their predominantly white community and entertained, corresponded with, and even taught their white neighbors.

A long Knox County tradition credits them with composing (or helping to compose) the famous song "Dixie".

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